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Bazile's Triple B Kennel

Home of the Smart, line running dogs that not only can compete and win in licensed trials,

but can first and foremost, do it where it counts: In the field, under the Gun........

Triple B Kennels and Big Raggedy Kennels.

Tyreese Holmes and Wade of Hard Times Kennels came down from Virginia to hunt with Triple B, the hounds put on a stellar performance. Good Job Tyreese.

Predator control with Big Raggedy and Fifty.

AJ,Cocky and Uncle Lollypop kicking back at the camp.

Triple B Kennels, Big Raggedy Kennels and Hard Times Kennels.

Triple B Kennels and Big Raggedy Kennels.

Big Raggedy Kennels.

Triple B Kennels and Hard Times Kennels getting it done.

Keinan Jr,Chad Jr, Kendyll and corey

Corey's first deer

Predator control with Big Raggedy and Fifty.

Kendyll on her first rabbit hunt

Chandler Mason and her new pony

Keinan and Kendyll

Kyle and Corey

Prayer before the hunt

Chandler with Leo and FC Black Topper

Chad and Chandler

Kyle's first rabbit hunt

The pack put this one in a tree, hare or hole, no excuses.

Rabbit hunt Feb 2011.

Rabbit hunt Nov 2010.

Black and tans checking out their work.

Rabbit hunt Nov 2011.

Rabbit hunt 2011.

a successfull hunt.

Rabbit hunt Nov 2010.

Keinan Jr. on a hunt in Tx, this was his first rabbit hunt with the dogs. 

My son with his favorite dog diamond.

Kj. with Black Huzzy

Running in Tx. with Walter walls.

My good friend Cedrick Sells of Texas with rabbits killed in front the pack.

Took 4 hunters out and all of them killed their limit of louisiana rabbits

Young pups in the training pen getting ready to learn their mission in life.

Kyle and his pup MoonShine

We took to the water on this day,the pack did great.

Dropped 9 young hounds 7 mo to 10 months old they ran one for well over a hour check free, picked them up before they caught him.