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Bazile's Triple B Kennel

Home of the Smart, line running dogs that not only can compete and win in licensed trials,

but can first and foremost, do it where it counts: In the field, under the Gun........

Home of

NKC Progressive Pack Grch ,NKC Progressive Pack Rabbit champion

Bramlett's Black Topper


NKC Progressive Pack Rabbit Champion, UKC Performance Pack Rabbit Champion

2013 Nationals winner, Clay Hills Black Crow

Progressive Pack Rabbit Champion,

Bramlett's Black Topper

The American Beagler, April 2013. Performance pack nationals winner. Black Crow.

2013 Performance Pack Nationals Winner,Dual Champion, Performance Pack Rabbit Champion,Progressive Pack Rabbit Champion,

Black Crow

Welcome to Bazile's Triple B Kennel. Our kennel was started in 2006 but we have had hounds of some sort our whole lives. 2006 is when we established a breeding program and started to get serious about the quality of hounds we were feeding. My name is Keinan Bazile and my kennel partners are my dad Clarence (Duffy) Bazile and friend Gregory Celestine. I am a resident of Vacherie La. I have been rabbit hunting since I was 12 years old and able to follow a pack of hounds. At our kennel we raise black and tans that are AKC, NKC and UKC registered. We run the type of pack (4-6 hounds) that can really pressure a rabbit. The line of dogs we have been focusing on is the Bramlett line. We use the following bloodlines as an outcross, PP HOF COMP/PP HOF REP/PP GR R CH/FC Gunsmoke Lizard Creek Tadpole, GRRCH, 2X HOF Cruise Jim Dandy (Weir Creek), this combination suits us better than anything else we have tried, not to slow, not to fast but very steady and consistent. We run, train and evaluate dogs year round; we don’t stop just because the hunting season ends. We are hardcore gun hunters to the bone. We hold our hounds to a strict standard. We demand dogs that are smart, intelligent and will jump and account for their game. Being a jump dog is a must! We don’t carry tally ho sticks and we don’t beat briars. Our motto is, you can't run a rabbit if you can’t jump a rabbit. We are producing hounds that are Intelligent, hard hunting and medium fast speed that can explode out of a check with accuracy, authority and power. We do not tolerate overly competitive hounds that focus more on out running their pack mates instead of running the rabbit. Below is an example of the order of importance and the characteristics that our breeding program is known for:

Intelligence- Without brains, the best nose in the world is useless, (dogs that over run the track and cause breakdowns only to out run the lead dog is useless to us.)

Nose- Without a superior nose, the hound with so called extreme hunt, has just that, extreme hunt, but lacks jump power on days with little scent.

Disposition- Our hounds must succumb to being easily handled, without being threatened and remote controlled by a transmitter and shock collars. We use our trash breaker for its intended use trash breaking, not to make our hounds handle, one on one time with your hound will ensure a good handle.

Hunt- Belly crawl, root em out, grunt work, put a nose on him and make him leave his place of safety in a hurry no matter how thick or tough the briars or brush pile can be.

Control- The ability to show control while running in our pack is a must, we do not expect the pack to overrun a track just because the dog on the front end did, when the track is lost we don’t want to see our dogs scatter like birds, start making big circles in order to regain the line or run around aimlessly, we want each hound working independently within our pack, we like to see our seasoned veteran hounds turn the track from the middle of the pack without the race breaking down. An example of what we consider control can be seen in the short clip on our video’s page. 4 littermate sisters ran check free (without any breakdowns) for 29 minutes, end result, the rabbit was caught. Intelligence=control=consistency=steady pressure=hair or hole.

Adaptable foot speed- Walk on tough scenting days if necessary - fly on good days.

Mouth- Pour it on if you smell it, shut up if you don’t, no babbling, we do not tolerate mouthy dogs.

Looks- Conformation, The 'beagle standard’, no inferior physical characteristics or abnormalities. Although all our hounds are Black and tan, color does not run a rabbit.

The order of importance of the above qualities may be categorized differently by different breeders, but we have them in the order in which we personally find most beneficial to us in the swamps, thickets and marshlands that we hunt in south Louisiana. Can we ensure that a pup will come out as desired? Of course not. But, the odds of getting a desirable dog, when you intimately know the characteristics produced by the sire/dam and grand sire/grand dam, greatly increase.

We have 5 generations of females that are descendants of Lickskillit Black Penny. Penny is sired by HOF PP GRC Cruise's Jim Dandy . Our youngest female is Black Pearl. Pearl is off our Black Madonna female, Madonna is off our Black Sapphire female, Sapphire is off our Black Maggie female, Maggie is off Lickskillit Black Penny, Penny is our Topsie's litter mate sister. Our Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire (all are off penny) are so outstanding in the field under the gun that we purchased every hound in their pedigree that was alive in order to try and reproduce the same traits and characteristics.

Any dog that we breed or breed too will have proven his/her ability individually, in our pack and under the gun. They will have been deemed to be a correct specimen to the breed and well above average. Something you really can't hope for from breeders that don’t trial or hunt and especially not from a puppy mill.