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Bazile's Triple B Kennel

Home of PP Gr Bch PP Rch Bramlett's Black Topper

Welcome to Bazile's Triple B Kennel. Our kennel was started in 2006. My name is Keinan Bazile and my kennel partners are my dad Clarence (Duffy) Bazile and friend Gregory Celestine. I am a resident of Vacherie La. I have been rabbit hunting since I was 15 years old and able to follow a pack of hounds. Here at Triple B we run solid black and tan AKC Registered beagles that can really pressure a rabbit. The line of dogs we have been focusing on is the bramlett line. We use the following bloodlines as a outcross, PP HOF COMP/PP HOF REP/PP GR R CH/FC Gunsmoke Lizard Creek Tadpole, GRRCH, 2X HOF Cruise Jim Dandy (Weir Creek), this combination suits us better than anything else we have tried, not to slow, not to fast but very consistent. At Triple B we run dogs all year, we don’t stop just because the hunting season ends. We are gun hunters, We don’t field trail but we hold our hounds to a strict standard. We demand dogs that will jump and account for their game. Being a jump dog is a must, we don’t carry tally ho sticks, our motto is you can't run one if you cant jump one. We try to produce dogs that are hard hunting, medium fast speed, check artist that will explode out of a check with accuracy, authority and power.